Dear Partners, Stakeholders, Community Members, and all who will listen, 

We at HealthierHere grieve the innocent lives lost in recent shootings across the United States. We are outraged and stand in solidarity with impacted communities in their journeys of healing and demands for change. 

Gun violence is a public health crisis. It is the leading cause of premature death in the U.S. and the leading cause of death among children & teenagers. King County had the highest number of people killed by gun violence in Washington State over the last five years. Along with mass shootings, issues like suicide and domestic violence are major gun violence concerns affecting our communities every day..  

We recognize that gun violence is also a racial justice issue. We condemn the blatant acts of racism and white supremacy that took the lives of 10 Black community members in Buffalo. We collectively are responsible for dismantling the systemic, structural racism that has traumatized and harmed people of color for hundreds of years, and which actively continues today. 

To our colleagues, partners, and all communities affected by these recent shootings and ongoing instances of gun violence, we stand with you. You deserve to feel safe in your neighborhoods, schools, and places of worship. You deserve to thrive and live without fear.  

Now is the time to act on gun violence. HealthierHere strongly supports public health policies and interventions to prevent and end it. 

Below are resources for communities, families, healthcare providers and more:
King County public health resource page for gun violence
Resources for educators, families to discuss mass shootings in the community
Mental Health America’s guide for navigating racial trauma
Managing your distress in the aftermath of a shooting
Write your senator: Support commonsense legislation to reduce gun violence in the U.S.
Wear Orange: National Gun Violence Awareness Day (June 3) & Month
March for Our Lives (June 11)