HealthierHere’s metrics and reports for King County

Data is essential to our work. Our region’s data tells the real story of the needs and opportunities for improvement in our community and we use data to inform every step of our work. All our approaches call for the improvement of specific metrics as outlined in the Washington State Health Care Authority’s project toolkit. Here you will find the latest numbers we’re watching in our region.

Who We Serve
Our Partners
Our Goals
Additional Analyses

Who We Serve

Click the links below to explore better understand the King County Medicaid population, including demographics, health indicators and gaps, and patterns in service utilization.

Who We Are
Demographic and enrollment characteristics of Medicaid members living in King County

Our Needs
Information on the health and social needs of Medicaid members living in King County

Community Listening Project – Community Grants Program
In Fall 2018, HealthierHere provided grants to community-based organizations and grassroots groups to conduct engagement activities with consumers. Organizations used the grant funds to provide trusting, culturally relevant forums for community members to share their experiences with the health care system – what works, what doesn’t, and what could make it better. Access the data collected at healthierhere.org/listen

Our Partners

Partnerships are the cornerstone of HealthierHere’s work. Click the links below to view featured data sets from some of our key health care and social service partners.

Health Care Providers
Counts of Medicaid members and claims by health care provider, member demographics, and diagnosis

Social Services Providers
Coming soon!

Our Goals

The Medicaid Transformation Project relies on ACHs to meet their goals and metrics. Click the links below to learn how HealthierHere is meeting statewide measures and what we are doing to make a difference in our region.

Measuring our Progress
Quarterly performance measurement dashboard for HealthierHere

Additional Analyses

Click the links below to explore additional data relevant to our work. 

Medicaid ED Utilization Analysis, King County 2017
Emergency Department utilization among King County Medicaid members by demographics, residence, health status, amount of use, and cause of visit

Focus Populations Analysis
Compare demographics and use of acute, crisis-oriented health care services across Medicaid member focus populations

Equity Analysis of Medicaid Transformation Performance Measures
Identify Medicaid member demographic characteristics and risk factors associated with positive and negative outcomes on selected performance measures of the Medicaid transformation

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