Community Information Exchange

Co-creating a connected system of whole person care

What’s a CIE?

A CIE, or Community Information Exchange, is a network of cross-sector partners – social service, community, tribal, government, physical and behavioral health organizations – who commit to coordinating care so that individuals have better access to the care and supports they need to improve their health. Partners access a shared network database where they contribute to a single longitudinal client record, share information and make bi-directional closed-loop referrals.

We are building a CIE that:

  • Is a unified network across health and human services providers
  • Is governed by the community
  • Serves the needs of the community (not any one entity or vendor)
  • Is interoperable (i.e., can integrate with other technology platforms)
  • Operates as a public utility (NOTE: ENTER DEFINITION HERE)

The Need

Individuals, families and the organizations that serve them currently need to navigate many systems to access care and services.

It’s difficult to access the resources you need, because most systems don’t communicate or coordinate with one another. 

CIE can help. It’s a community-owned network to support care coordination between systems and across sectors.

The Benefits

For individuals and families:
  • easier, quicker access to appropriate services
  • no wrong door
  • no need to repeat your story
  • shared decision-making
  • better connection to culturally and geographically appropriate care
For for health and social service providers:
  • better awareness of community resources
  • network for improved cross-sector coordination
  • streamlined referrals and information sharing
  • less duplication of efforts
  • access to outcome data to inform plans and assess impact
For our community, which benefits from data that:
  • drives more informed and equitable allocations of resources
  • highlights opportunities to use resources more effectively
    and reduce total cost of care
  • identifies unmet needs and barriers to address
  • informs community planning, policy and investment

Shared Vision:

Strengthen the coordination of care for those in need by connecting people, service organizations, and community partners more quickly and more effectively – resulting in a
healthier, more equitable community for all.
– co-created in 2019 by 50+ King County organizations


211 San Diego, one of several regional CIEs around the country achieving impressive results
Importance of social services for better health outcomes, by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 
Digital health products for complex populations, by the Center for Health Care Strategies
Community Resource Referral Platforms, by the Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network

The Work

Building a regional CIE is a collaborative effort with many cross-sector partners, funders and stakeholders.

Our region has made significant progress, but there is still a lot of work ahead. Partners are currently working to shape the CIE via community-clinical network partner activities and workgroups focused on legal framework and data and technology needs.

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