Consumer Voice Listening Project & Community Grants Program

because efforts to improve our healthcare system should be guided and influenced by the people and communities we serve

About the project


The Center for MultiCultural Health and HealthierHere have joined together in an innovative partnership to improve health equity and outcomes in King County. With commitment and financial support from the HealthierHere Governing Board, we provided grants to community-based organizations and grassroots groups to conduct engagement activities with consumers.


Our goal is to ensure that HealthierHere’s efforts to improve our healthcare system are guided and influenced by the people and communities we serve. We aim to develop ongoing, meaningful mechanisms to ensure that consumer and community voice drive our work.


The first round of the Consumer Voice Listening Project was conducted in Fall of 2018. Organizations used the grant funds to provide trusting, culturally relevant forums for community members to share their experiences with the health care system – what works, what doesn’t, and what could make it better.

The Response

We are thrilled by the level of engagement and grateful for all who shared their opinions. With help from community organizations, we were able to capture insights from voices that are not traditionally heard.
We realize that this first round of the Consumer Voice Listening Project does not fully capture all communities. We are planning additional outreach through community grants to include as many different perspectives as possible.

Consumer Voice Listening Project Data

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Special thanks to the organizations that accomplished this valuable work

African American Health Board
Association of Zambians
Congolese Integration Network
Consejo Counseling and Referral Service
Falis Community Services
Khmer Health Board
Latino Community Fund
Living Well Kent
Lutheran Community Services
Mother Africa
Pacific Islander Health Board
Pamoja Christian Church
Sisters in Common
Somali Health Board
Vietnamese Health Board
Washington State Coalition of African Community Leaders
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The Community Speaks: A Report-Back on the Consumer Voice Listening Project

On April 16th, 2019, participants from our first round of the Consumer Voice Listening Project came together to celebrate this work, review topline results from the focus groups and surveys, share from their experiences with the community engagement processes, discuss opportunities and challenges, and explore next steps. Sincerest thanks to all who participated, including our community leader panelists in the photo below. 

Review the Presentation: 

This work is ongoing and includes:

Conduct additional research through community grants
to hear the voices of others who experience health disparities and adverse outcomes, and who may not have been represented in the first round.
Engage community participants in continued conversation
to better understand the narratives behind the data, how it should be interpreted, and what other questions we should be asking.
Take a deeper dive into the data
to better understand the which barriers most affect people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and behavioral health conditions.
Share the results.
Provide tools to help participating organizations report back to their communities. Engage HealthierHere’s Clinical and Community Partners, Committees and Workgroups, and Governing Board in exploring the data and its implications for our work together.
Report back on what actions we will take
as a result of what we’ve learned from this process and how it intersects with our work.
Develop a Community Engagement Toolkit
to share lessons learned, methods, techniques and strategies used by participating organizations to authentically engage with community members.

If you would like to get involved with this work, please contact: 
Marya Gingrey, Director of Equity and Community Partnerships –
Myani Guetta, Community and Tribal Engagement Manager –
Abriel Johnny, Community and Tribal Engagement Manager – 

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