Transforming Systems and Lives

At the Intersection of Whole-Person Care and Health Equity

HealthierHere serves as a hub for our region, bringing people and organizations together across sectors and aligning resources to improve the health of our community. Relationships are the center of our work. We build on the strength of our partners to co-create solutions that meet people where they’re at. All rooted in the recognition that the work has to start and end with those we serve. Our efforts focus on:

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A Model for Catalyzing Change

Grounded in Equity, Guided by Community, Fueled by Collaboration

Lead with Equity

Elevate the voices and roles of marginalized communities in identifying needs, setting priorities and driving solutions.

Ensure shared power in decision making.

Follow their counsel to identify needs, set priorities and drive solutions.

Mobilize Support

Advocate to increase awareness of health inequities, and to advance policies, payments and investments to address them.

Align and braid public and private funding sources to drive resources to the people and places that need it most and achieve greatest impact.

Foster Collaboration

Convene and Connect community, clinical and tribal organizations to bridge silos.

Establish common goals.

Share learning.

Develop cross-sector partnerships.

Strengthen Systems of Care

Deliver innovative programs and practices to improve health outcomes and reduce inequity.

Support partners in building capacity and meeting community and public health needs.

Analyze systemwide data to identify needs, gaps and disparities, measure progress and inform decision making.

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Connecting People to the Care They Need

Our vision is simple: no matter what door someone enters, they get connected to the health and social services they need to thrive. With our partners, we’re working toward making that a reality – bridging silos, linking disparate systems and forging working relationships.

Connect2 Community Network

Care Connect – King County

Washington Integrated Care Assessment

Community-Based Care Coordination

Behavioral Healthcare in Rural Communities

Shared Care Planning

Advancing Health Equity

“Those closest to the problem are closest to the solution” is a truth that underlies all of HealthierHere’s work. Our Community and Tribal partners provide critical insights, guide our decision-making and investments, and perform life-saving boots-on-the-ground care.

Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Healthcare

King County Health Literacy Project

Consumer Voice Listening Project

Healing Through Traditional Medicines

Community Activated Outreach and Messaging

Catalyzing and Testing Innovations

In 2019, HealthierHere designated a portion of funding it earned from Washington’s Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) to establish an Innovation Fund. Its goal: to foster cross-sector partnerships and incentivize tests of new and better ways to care for Medicaid members in our community.

Testing Models to Integrate Physical and Behavioral Health

Community-Based Social Determinant of Health Innovations

Reducing the Care Gap for People with Opioid Use Disorder

Reducing ED use through Community Paramedicine and Mobile Health

Mobilizing to Address Urgent Public Health Needs

When COVID-19 struck in early 2020, we pivoted to rapidly develop and execute new strategies to support our communities. Aware of the pandemic’s potential to amplify health disparities, we doubled down on strengthening and expanding our partnerships. We equitably re-directed resources to bolster organizations on the ground working to save lives, foster healing, and guide recovery.

Equitable Vaccine Distribution

COVID-19 Resource Hub

Community-Based PPE Distribution

Phones for People Experiencing Homelessness

Multi-Lingual Behavioral Health Outreach Teams

Building Capacity to Empower Sustainability

Developing new ways to work create stresses on organizations. HealthierHere is committed to helping our partners build the relationships, systems and infrastructure they need to innovate and sustain their efforts.

Financial Management Coaching and Technical Assistance

Infrastructure Supports for Whole Person Care Integration

Support for Transition to Telehealth

Looking to Effect Change?

Support Our Work

Government, health systems and philanthropic organizations have a growing recognition that health extends beyond the doctor’s office. Grassroots organizations that have the trust of their communities are best positioned to develop and deliver effective solutions. Yet they frequently have the least capacity to deal with the burdens of grant-writing and reporting requirements. HealthierHere can help. We can serve as intermediary and backbone organization, working with and through our partners to facilitate cross-sector, community and tribal-driven solutions. Let’s talk.

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