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“I am only well if you are well” ~ African Proverb

What does HealthierHere do?

HealthierHere is a King County-wide partnership committed to working in new ways to improve the health and well-being of our residents. At the heart of our work is an understanding that many factors affect our health.

We bring together behavioral health and primary care providers, community health centers, hospitals and health systems, social service agencies and community-based organizations to build better systems that improve the health of people in King County.  

We’re one of nine developing Accountable Communities of Health that together cover the entire State of Washington in partnership with the Healthier Washington initiative which seeks to transform health and health care.

What are Accountable Communities of Health?

Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) are regional collaboratives committed to improving health and health equity. ACHs bring together health and social service partners, provide local oversight around population health and wellness, and support initiatives such as the Medicaid Transformation Project. We are one of nine ACHs in Washington State working to develop the systems and linkages needed to improve the health and social services delivery systems and fully address people’s care needs.

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What is the Medicaid Transformation Project?

The Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) is a five-year agreement between Washington State and the federal government that provides federal investment into regional Medicaid delivery system improvement projects. This effort focuses on large scale system transformation to improve care for the whole person, reduce barriers to care, and use resources more wisely.

As part of the Medicaid Transformation Project, HealthierHere is working to:

  • Develop transformation projects that target regional healthcare challenges
  • Submit required deliverables to the Washington State Health Care Authority
  • Distribute incentive funds to partnering providers for their achievement of defined milestones
  • Partner with community members to ensure community voice and equity are embedded in this work
  • Coordinate & oversee the work in partnership with local partner organizations

About HealthierHere

HealthierHere is transforming the way health care is delivered to thousands of residents in King County. We work across medical, behavioral health, social service, and community to build a welcoming, accessible, and integrated delivery system that fosters health and wellness for all.

What is our approach?

We are working on a portfolio of projects that have been approved by the Washington State Health Care Authority: promoting integrated whole person care, care transitions for those leaving jail and hospitals, enhanced services and treatment for Opioid Use Disorder (including improved prescribing practices) and expanded community and self-management support for those with chronic conditions.

We have also identified cross-cutting elements that are foundational to our work. These foundational elements include community-based care coordination, addressing the social determinants of health, improving equity, and reducing disparities.

At the end of the day, HealthierHere and its partners want to make transformative change in our region to prevent disease, promote well-being, and improve the quality of life for Medicaid members in our region.

Over the next several years of the Medicaid Transformation Project, we will be working on the following:

  • Collaboration between the health care system and social services, linked by an inter-connected Health Information Technology/Health Information Exchange system connecting providers from both systems and payment models that incorporate social service providers.
  • Access to person-centered, multi-disciplinary, culturally competent care teams – inclusive of social services – in health homes for everyone, regardless of where a person enters the system.
  • Infrastructure that provides an effective mechanism for meaningful community and consumer involvement and voice in the continuous improvement of the delivery system.

If we are successful, HealthierHere and our partners will have catalyzed transformational change in our region to build a welcoming, accessible, and integrated delivery system that fosters health and wellness for all.

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